According to the famous chef Ferran Adria (El Bulli), tapas are Spain’s best global culinary ambassador.

Tapas constitute a way of life that differentiates the Spanish from other nations and makes them unique.

In a relaxing atmosphere, people engage and socialize over a drink and a delicious titbit, called tapa or pintxo, depending on which part of Spain you are in.

Would you like to participate in show cooking sessions with Michelin star chefs? In addition to learning to prepare their dishes live before tasting them?

If you are a wine connoisseur, we offer you the opportunity to participate in wine tasting sessions with experts from some of Spain and Portugal’s leading wineries.

Would you like to take part in a grape harvest, press the grapes and then make your own wine? You can even label the bottles with your own name.

Discover Spanish cuisine and the splendid wines from the country’s many wine growing regions, where you will also have the chance to savour exquisite, award-winning delicacies, all under the eye of our experts.

Enjoy our wine tastings and pairings with pate, cheese, Iberian pork products, caviar, salted and smoked products, game, and chocolate, among many other things.

Don’t miss this unique sensorial experience!


-Guided visits to vineyards all around Spain & Portugal.

– Culinary tours all over Spain and in all the country’s wine-growing regions, combining visits with wine tasting in some of the country’s most prestigious wineries.
– Tapas based menus for groups at restaurants and different venues such as wineries, palaces, haciendas, yachts, private jets, etc., and even private homes.

– Blind tasting (wine and tapas)
– Cooking classes for preparing tapas & pintxos
– Workshop Ham slicing classes with our Champion of Spain and jamon tasting.
– Workshop Wine decantering and serving classes. (Sherry wineries way)

Para los amantes del vino, nuestra tienda online , y experiencias a medida para grupos privados a las mejores regiones vinícolas y viñedos, de España, Italia, Francia ó Portugal de la mano de nuestros expertos enólogos. Elije ya tu próximo destino!!

Experiencias en plena naturaleza, avistamiento de aves, senderismo, migración de aves, avistamiento de delfines, orcas y ballenas, deportes de aventura, descubre el cosmos y acampa bajo las entrellas o haz una Luna, una romería de noche, con Luna llena….No te lo pierdas!!

Si te gusta el Flamenco, ven a disfrutar de clases magistrales de baile famenco, conoce con nosotros la Moda Flamenca , sus tradiciones, y sus fiestas flamencas.

Su experto en experiencias gastronomicas y enologicas. Catas de vinos, de aceites, de exquisiteces culinarias, show cooking con chefs de estrella Michelin,....y mucho mas !!

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